About the Author

Founder of TAJMA Consulting
Author of TAJMA Psychological Tools

Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Tajudin Ninggalis a Licensed Professional Counsellor, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), and a US trained counselling psychologist providing integrative counseling, coaching, and psychological consulting to government agencies, corporate sectors, colleges and universities, professional associations, expatriates, NGOs, and the general public. He received his Bachelor of Education (Hons.) (Counselling & Guidance ) from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 1990. Upon graduation he went to pursue for his Master of Arts (Counseling Psychology) degree in 1992-1994 and then completed his PhD degree (Counseling & Supervision) in 1994-998 from Western Michigan University, USA.

Professor Tajudin is the author and founder of the first Malaysian Online Psychological Expert System consisted of TAJMA Personality Plus (TPe+) and TAJMA Career Interest Plus (TCIP+). His twenty-eight years of professional experiences in the field of counselling psychology has been focused on a wide range of issues and services notably psychological testing and assessment; corporate coaching; stress management; individual and group psychotherapy; career counselling; multicultural counselling; relational, marital and family counselling; and gender identity disorder.

Professor Tajudin had served as the Board Member of the Malaysian Board of Counsellors, the Malaysian Counselling Advisory Council, Life-time Member, Secretary, and Deputy President of the Malaysian Counselling Association (PERKAMA International), and the founding member, life-time member, and Deputy President I of the Malaysian Psychometric Association (MPA). He is actively involve with the international counselling associations and is currently the professional member of the American Counselling Association (ACA), British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and the Association of Psychological and Educational Counsellors of Asia-Pacific (APECA). In addition, Professor Tajudin is the founder of the Al-Ghazalian Psycho-Spiritual Counseling. He is an active writer and to date has written seven books on counseling and student development and has presented over 150 papers and workshops nationally and internationally during the past 10 years.

Currently, Professor Mohd Tajudin is the Visiting Psychological Consultant with the Twin-Towers Medical Centre, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur and Professor of Counseling Psychology at the Open University Malaysia (OUM). Prior to joining OUM, he was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) and Professor of Counselling Psychology at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).