What is the TAJMA Personality Plus (TPe+)?

TP+ is a psychological tool that is specifically designed to provide scientific results and data of an individual based on their thought processes, emotion and behaviour.

What is the TAJMA Career Plus (TC+)?

TC+ is a psychological tool that is specifically designed to provide scientific results and data of an individual on their career interest based on the RIASEC Holland Theory (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional).

What is the suitable age group for taking the TAJMA psychological tests?

The suitable age group is between 12 to 70 years old.

Are TAJMA psychological tests credible?

Yes. Both TPe+ and TC+ have been scientifically tested and provides a high test reliability and validation between .8 - .9

Is the information obtained through the TAJMA psychological tests safe?

Yes. All information will be stored in the TAJMA database system in a safely manner.

Are the TAJMA psychological tests suitable for students?

Yes. The tests are very suitable for students especially in identifying their personality strength and planning ahead for future course taking and career planning.

How about college, university students and those who are working?

Yes. The TAJMA psychological profile is specially designed in three (3) editions, which are the School, College/University and Organization editions.

How many languages are available?

The TAJMA tests are available in two (2) languages; English and Bahasa Melayu.

What personality traits are measured in the TAJMA psychological tests?

There are twelve (12) personality traits measured: Assertiveness, Analytical, Self-Confidence, Extrovert, Leadership, Caring, Achievement, Cross-Cultural, Resiliency,Integrity, Patriotism, and Distortion.

What is the uniqueness of the TAJMA psychological tests compared to others developed in western countries?

It has been designed by a Malaysian expert psychologist based on the values and cultures of the Malaysian norm and society.

Are TAJMA psychological tests biased?

No. This is because the TAJMA psychological tests have been developed by taking into account the characteristics, features and culture of the Malaysian society.

What is the advice for those who are planning to take the TAJMA psychological tests?

Do not miss this opportunity to explore your full potential. Remember, time waits for no man and time is gold!